We offer customized training, facilitation, and keynote experiences catered to your group’s specific needs to make serious work feel more fun and fulfilling. The following methods are used to bring new ways of thinking:



Our training happens in a studio environment where you work on real projects by practicing, refining, and most importantly learning. It's designed to be as informative as it is engaging and interactive. We deliver tools and techniques to learn design thinking for your real-life projects.

We arm you with the tools to free your people in order to do the best work of their lives, together. We want you to empower your team to transform tension into innovation and co-create processes that deliver valuable outcomes for your organization.



The word facilitation comes from the root facilis meaning "easy". Our goal is to make it easy for groups of any size to achieve strategic goals through creative collaboration. We focus on the process and outcomes so you can focus on being experts.

It is our mission to always make our workshops and facilitation serious, productive, and fun. We engage groups in conversations that lead to shared vision, draw out new ideas across cultures, and are experts at navigating difficult conversations and tough personalities.


Keynote Experiences

Don’t just bring in another speaker, book an experience! Because of our firm beliefs about learning best in a hands-on environment, our Keynote Events go far beyond PowerPoint presentations. We’re breaking the mold of your typical professional speaker by engaging the entire audience as individuals and collectively as a team to bring about a unique, interactive experience they will not soon forget.


Our toolkit and process is inspired by Design Thinking and the Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving process.



We are certified facilitators of Lego® Serious Play® methods and materials, a strategic approach that has been used for more than 20 years to facilitate constructive conversations through building and metaphor.



Stormz is a digital tool that allows us to easily facilitate collaborative workshops, events and trainings both onsite and remotely.conversations through building and metaphor.


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