Energetically engaging leaders and teams of all sizes to catalyze creative thinking, align diverse points of view and solve complex challenges.

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Our Approach


Collaborate To Innovate

Idea Farm helps leaders and cross-functional teams who want to innovate, but struggle to collaborate.

At Idea Farm we are on a mission to transform the way it feels to work. We help clients turn empathy into action and solve problems with collaborative, immersive engagements.



Transform your thinking

We transform your events, projects, and culture.

Our specialties include innovative ideation techniques designed to transform the problem solving process. This involves design thinking, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, project-based training for adults, and workshop design and delivery.



Lead with empathy

It is at the heart of what we do

Our expertise lies in our ability to deftly diagnose opportunities and needs, and then design the right process and tools for the unique situation. We put ourselves in your shoes. It is the way we think about our clients, how we design solutions, and it is how we support you in thinking about your end users, too.


What We Offer


Our approach to development is rooted in the learning-by-doing experience. We deliver tools and techniques to learn design thinking for your real-life projects.

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We act as a third party to help manage personalities through a process to bring out the best in everyone in the room.

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Don’t just bring in another speaker, book an experience! Our Keynote Events go far beyond Powerpoint presentations.

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What our clients are saying


Tamara absolutely nailed it with our group. Her ability to personally connect with the large group and drive us to, frankly, game changing ideas was absolutely remarkable.

President of 3M, Japan


Perfectly skilled to facilitate collaboration between diverse (business and engineering) audiences, proven to handle the tough customer in the room, and quickly adapted to the nuances of our corporate culture. They’ve been terrific to work with, I’m a fan, and very much recommend Idea Farm.

UX Design Lead, Honeywell Aerospace


Tamara delivers an all-too-rare experience: a departure from business-as-usual. Through her leadership, process design, team facilitation, individual coaching, and seemingly limitless creativity, Tamara helped to launch a major strategy development effort at SRP that spanned departments and diverse subject matter. Her involvement was critical to the success of the initiative.

Manager - Strategy, Archives & Contracts, SRP