Facilitation comes from the root facilis meaning "easy". Our goal is to make it easy for groups of any size to achieve strategic goals through creative collaboration. We focus on the process and outcomes so you can focus on being experts.



Meetings are the base unit of any successful organization. We design productive meeting experiences for 8-20 people, typical length is 2 hours- 1 day.

  • Strategic Visioning
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Kick-off
  • Retrospective


Activate expertise, align around a common vision and accelerate action. We design and deliver workshops for groups of 15-50 people for 1/2 day-5 days.

  • Strategy Cocreation
  • Problem Solving
  • Ideation + Action Plan
  • Insight to Innovation


Transform typical top-down events into collaborative experiences that inspire and transform. For 50-1000+ participants, typical duration from 90 minutes to 1 day. 

  • Keynote Experiences
  • Innovation Emcee
  • Activate Conference Reflection
  • Breakout Sessions


Our approach to development is rooted in the learning-by-doing experience of the design studio. We deliver project-based programs that empower learners to build confidence through immediate application of new techniques to relevant challenges. 


Design Thinking & innovation

Our toolkit offers a flexible approach to Design Thinking training using modules we can strategically adapt to your unique learning needs, your enterprise culture, and your professional context.

  • Introduction to Design Thinking 
  • Everyday Innovation
  • Inside Out: From Empathy to Action
  • Protoyping: Built to Think




facilitative leadership 

Leverage decades of facilitation experience to empower your people with an innovative approach to leadership. We teach both hard skills and soft skills of facilitation that develop confident, collaborative leaders.

  • Facilitative Leadership Fundamentals 
  • Fearless Facilitation
  • Meetings That Matter
  • Building a Leadership "Legocy"

creative collaboration 

Free your people to do the best work of their lives, together. We empower teams to transform tension into innovation and cocreate processes that deliver valuable outcomes for the organization. 

  • Meeting in the Middle
  • Designing the Team Experience
  • (Co)Creative Problem Solving
  • Developing Team Wisdom

Coaching + consulting.

Mastery comes through iterative cycles of action and reflection. We help teams and individuals face challenges with the courage and confidence to experiment and grow.


organizational development

Address complex challenges and navigate ambiguity by finding, framing and solving problems in holistic ways. We cocreate solutions that engage and empower.

  • Strategy Cocreation
  • Intrapreneurship Labs
  • Catalysts for Change


Great groups often benefit from having a guide on the side. We work with teams to diagnose challenges, overcome obstacles and achieve better performance, together. 

  • Project Teams
  • Innovation Catalysts
  • Leadership Teams

Facilitators + researchers

Proceeding down the path to mastery is a journey best taken in good company. We provide dedicated, practical mentorship for new professionals and seasoned experts.

  • Facilitate Workshops + Teams
  • Develop Research Capabilities
  • Facilitator-in-Residence Program