Idea Farm's Events & Trainings

We offer multiple events throughout the Phoenix area to help you grow professionally and personally. Check out our upcoming events, below. 


Pop-up Innovation Academy:


Embrace Ambiguity

Acting in the face of uncertainty is an essential skill for anyone. Learn to comfortably navigate the inevitable ambiguity that infiltrates your everyday life in both professional and personal situations. 90-minutes. 

  • Date, Time, & Location: 





Great problem solving begins with great problem framing. Learn how to frame, develop, and ask the right questions in order to inspire ideation, empathy, and effective problem solving. 90-minutes.

  • Date, Time, & Location: TBD

Constructive Collaboration

Working in a team ain’t always easy. Improve your collaboration awareness and skills using LEGO® Serious Play materials and methods to identify obstacles and explore ideal relationships. 90-minutes.

  • Date: Monday, June 25
  • Time: 8:30a-10:00a
  • Location: Arizona BBB
  • Cost: $90
  • RSVP here
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F This Meeting!

Transform boring ass meetings into collaboration experiences. Learn how to design and shape the flow of conversations using two distinct types of thinking and a few facilitation fundamentals. 90-minutes. 

  • Date, Time, & Location: TBD

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Let us know and we will offer you an extra special discount. 


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