To Custom Solutions

Our efforts are rooted in the following beliefs…

> A strategic and integrated approach to innovation

> Co-creation and human experience are the heart of our approach, we believe everyone has the capacity for creative thinking and problem solving. We are experts in eliciting productive creative conversation through facilitation.

> Authentic relationships with our clients and transparency of process facilitate meaningful and productive engagements

> Learning, inquiry, and trust are key principles in how we design our programs and projects

> Creative approaches to yield fertile new opportunities for business and brand growth

> Our process thrives by leveraging unique tools (stimulus) and inspiring physical environments to pollinate new outcomes



Develop Innovation Skills

Cultivating creativity is about sowing the seeds of the creative thinking within an organization by developing the innovate mindsets and skill sets of existing human resources. These expansive training programs empower individuals and teams with a common language of innovation, a simple framework that encourages experimentations and customization (by person or by project, for example), and the confidence to generate novel and valuable ideas. The best resources for cultivating creativity are often found within your own business environment.

We help you amplify the creative potential of your stakeholders. Our project-based learning experiences empower individuals and teams to cultivate dormant mind space and apply new skills immediately with confidence and coaching.



Strategic Imagination

Everyone has the capacity for creative thinking; yes everyone. We embrace the creative spirit of the task ensuring everyone in the room is empowered to generate new ideas. We are masters at fostering generative thinking, stretching participants to think in new ways resulting in the creation of valuable ideas. As creative facilitators we use a variety of tools (i.e. activites and exercises), and have the ability to custom design activities that are tailored to our client needs. Energetic and engaging ideation sessions fuel the development of new products, services, brands, and business models. These immensive experiences also foster alignment and improve engagement.

We design immersive experiences that activate stakeholder engagement and alignment. Our expert facilitation ensures that teams cocreate insights and actionable ideas withvisible, measurable impact.



Evolve Your Stakeholder Relationships

Our approach to innovation is collaborative, strategic, transparent, and user-centered. We believe in co-creating with consumers and clients throughout the process. Our engagements are distinguished by immersion sessions with our clients at strategic points throughout the project. Collaboration is the sunshine of our growing process - always there and always shining light on the challenges. We identify insights that demonstrate and unlock the optimal balance between the consumer voice and the client's business realities. A fruitful outcome is the only possible when both interests are front and center in the learning process. 

We design and implement research engagements to help you have deeply meaningful conversations and discover new insights to fuel strategy and design. We specialize in creating unique learning environments that energize both consumers and clients.