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We offer in-house training in a studio environment where you work on real projects by practicing, refining, and most importantly learning. The sessions are designed to be as informative as they are engaging and interactive. We deliver tools and techniques to learn design thinking for your real-life projects.

We arm you with the tools to free your people in order to do the best work of their lives, together. We want you to empower your team to transform tension into innovation and co-create processes that deliver valuable outcomes for your organization.

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A wide range of professionals have benefited from our training programs and learned ways to apply creativity and innovation in their work.

Chances are good that we can design a program that is suited to your learning objectives and the unique needs of your people.

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Managers / Executives / Trainers / Consultants / Facilitators / Strategists / Designers / Engineers / Technologists / Analysts / Researchers / Scrum and Agile Coaches / Learning & Organizational Development professionals/ Marketing professionals / Sales Professionals

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Why this course

Creativity is a skill that can be developed. In fact, anyone can learn the key to unlocking innovative ideas. This program introduces fundamentals of creative problem solving that can be applied to any business (or personal) challenge. We’ll explore two distinct modes of thinking and how to help the brain get off its beaten path to come up with unique and valuable ideas. In addition to practice with specific techniques, we will hone in on what makes them work and why so it’s possible to successfully adapt them to diverse contexts. We will also experiment with approaches to idea assessment, selection and refinement that help ensure that innovative ideas reach successful implementation. Participants will leave with practical techniques and confidence to use them alone and with teams.

What You'll Learn

Ideation for Everyone includes an introduction to fundamentals and practice with a range of techniques for both generative and evaluative thinking. Participants learn to:

  • Generate game changing creative ideas
    Get more productive with ideation (in less time)

  • Identify and craft the appropriate challenge for a brainstorm session
    Confidently run idea generation sessions with others

  • Explain the logic of various creative methods
    Employ logical, structured methods for evaluation and feedback

  • Pitch ideas to clients or internally
  • Nurture an innovation mindset and culture in the organization


1 or 2 days

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Perfectly skilled to facilitate collaboration between diverse (business and engineering) audiences, proven to handle the tough customer in the room, and quickly adapted to the nuances of our corporate culture. They’ve been terrific to work with; I’m a fan, and very much recommend Idea Farm.”

UX Design Lead, Honeywell Aerospace

Tamara absolutely nailed it with our group. Her ability to personally connect with the large group and drive us to, frankly, game-changing ideas was absolutely remarkable.”

President of 3m, Japan

Tamara delivers an all-too-rare experience: a departure from business-as-usual. Through her leadership, process design, team facilitation, individual coaching, and seemingly limitless creativity, Tamara helped to launch a major strategy development effort at SRP that spanned departments and diverse subject matter. Her involvement was critical to the success of the initiative.”

Manager-Strategy, Archives & Contracts,SRP

Tamara has a knack for helping a person take a step back and look at different challenges or opportunities from a fresh perspective and she is great at providing the tools that I can use to do the same for others at my company. I'm 46 years old and hate training. I don't go...unless Tamara is running the sessions.”

Group Planning Director, VML

Smart. Innovative. Collaborative. Fast. How Tamara manages to do all of those things at once is eternally impressive, and evidently just how she operates. Consistently. I have partnered with Tamara on a few projects and I've seen her in design, production and delivery mode. I would highly recommend!”

Senior Leadership Development Officer, Amazon

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